Environmental Awareness

SHED has undertaken various initiatives towards achieving Mahatma Gandhij’s vision of ‘clean and hygienic India’. Our focus is on urban as well as rural areas.

In Mumbai, we have collaborated with MCGM to implement the cleanliness drive in support of the ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan’ . We have also conducted awareness programmes on ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan’ through the means of rallies, street plays, area-wise cleanliness competitions with the participation of individual volunteers, youths from Ganesh mandals, students from BMC schools etc. Till date we have conducted 180 awareness sessions in collaboration with MCGM, CRY, National law college and others. Solid Waste Management awareness sessions are also being conducted at various slum areas to educate people about wet and dry garbage segregation, composting and general hygiene through various demonstrations.

SHED has been working with the tribal and rural community for the last 29 years to educate them with good environmental practices. We have formed WASAN committee (Water, Hygiene and Sanitation) in every village to provide training on water management. Till date, 45 padas of Saphale have been benefitted with construction of

1 well and 10 borewells. SHED also takes the responsibility of maintaining the borewells and training the residents about the preventive maintenance of the same. We have constructed 39000 low cost toilets across 60 villages.

SHED has aided various tree plantation activities and activities related to farming of nutritious vegetables in Saphale. Till date we have distributed 3500 drumstick saplings among 700 tribal women. We have distributed other seeds, samplings for Kitchen garden to 200 women. We have planted 2514 trees in Saphale district. We have conducted watershed management o 215 hectare land in Saphale. We are installing roof top rain water harvesting systems on 100 houses in Saphale to increase the ground water level and recharge borewells.