SHED’s Mission is to empower the underprivileged, marginalized and vulnerable sections of society, especially women and girls, through activities promoting self reliance and dignity. SHED’s role is mainly catalytic in nature. We believe that development schemes should not create a sense of dependency. Therefore, the best that can be done is to prepare the target groups to make decisions for themselves and equip them with the necessary organizational and leadership capacities so that they can confidently determine their own future.

SHED was established in 1982 at the request of the Dharavi slum community. It now has centers in 6 different slums in Mumbai and 30 tribal areas.

Founder’s message

Bilkees I. Latif is the Founder President of SHED. She is the recipient of the Padma Shri Award conferred by the President of India, the International Lions Award for Merit, (RIOT RELIEF) the National Unity Award, the Priyadarshini Award, the Maharishi Karve Award, the Womens Service Award. The Chishti Award for Communal Harmony in 2011 and the GR8 Award in 2014.

She has also been the Chairperson of the National BAL Bhavan for 2 terms of 5 years each. This Bal Bhavan was founded by Pandit J. Nehru in Delhi 52 years ago. Its first Chairperson was Smt Indira Gandhi. It includes a Children’s Museum and has 167 affiliated BAL Bhavans all over the country, as well as 68 BAL Kendra. 100 BAL Bhavans were added or affiliated in her last tenure. The National Bal Shree Award for especially talented children was established and awarded by the President of India during her first tenure as Chairperson. and a Values Award. In Prime Ministe M Sihghs presence launched a movement for 100,000 children to ‘Build the India of their Dreams with National Values

Begum Bilkees Latif is also the President of the Society for Clean Cities with its Children’s Complex in Mumbai that interacts with children of 37 slums.

She is the President of the Montessori Training and Research Trust established by Mr. J.R.D. Tata. She is the President of The Tayaba Begum Memorial Trust. She was the Prime Ministers nominee oh the National Padma awards Selection Committee. She was the Leader of the Indian Delegation to the United Nations Session on the Freedom of Namibia at Singapore in 1985. She has been a Founder Member of INTACH.

Former Trustee of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Indan Council for Child Welfare Trust,, and on the Governing Board of the Population Foundation of Indiaa and the Committee for VALUES of the H.R.D. Ministry of the NDA Govt. She has also been Chaiperson/ Board Member of several organizations such as Air India, the Naandi Foundation, National Foundation of India, and two Schools for girls . She is the author of 4 more books, The Fragrance of Forgotten Years ( Publisher: Rupa), FORGOTTEN (Publisher: Penguin) The Andhra Cook Book with Hyderabad Specialities, (Publisher: Penguin) The Legend of his Life (Publisher:Kw Publishers). Bilkees I. Latif, Social Activist

Established NGO SHED, Society for Human and Environmental Development. In 1982, now working in centres in 5 of Mumbai’s slums and 65 tribal and other villages in Maharashtra..
In 1982 she had a Meeting with over 90 “Dadas” of the Dharavi slum in Mumbai ( largest in Asia over fifteen lakh, people) after seeing groups of children used by Dadas for brewing illicit alcohol, Bilkees persuaded Dadas for children to stop illegal activities, and join School / Vocational Training. Vocational Training imparted by SHED since then to over one lakh forty four thousand mostly young women and girls

Undertook Riot Relief after the Bhiwandi and Mumbai riots in !993 and did extensive reconciliation between communities Over 730 Homes rebuilt. 6000 destroyed homes also rekitted for all communities. Personally brought about peace twice, in very distiurbed areas through Gandhian methods.

As Chairperson Central Social Welfare Board A.P she. Interacted / helped about eighteen hundred welfare organizations, and over four hundred women sarpanches/panchs. Got 60 Air Force Schools upgraded and then given Govt recognition. I985: Leader of Government Delegation to the United Nations Session on the freedom of Namibia. Was nominated by the honourable Prime Minister as a Member of The national Padma awards Selection Committee

Literary Involvements:
Author of “ Her India, The Fragrance of Forgotten Years “, “The Andhra Cook Book” , ‘Forgotten’ ,O Dharavi, The Ladder of his Life.,and numerous articles on the Heritage of Hyderabad and on Women.

She has lectured extensively in the United States, in France and India on Indian heritage, children and women. Was asked to address the SENATE in France and to speak about her first book, and she did so in FrencAt present President: National Society for Clean Cities,India.


Society for Human & Environmental Development (SHED) was formed in October 1982 at Raj Bhavan, Bombay by Begum Bilkees Latif, wife of the then Governor of Maharashtra, as President. The Society is working for the slum dwellers in Mumbai and its surrounding areas for the last 35 yrs with its six different centres located in the slums of Dharavi, Jogeshwari, Mahakali and Sagbaug (in Andheri) and Kalina and for the rural and tribal community since 1988 at Virathan Village in Saphale, Thane District

The Prime objective of Society is promoting the welfare and improving the living conditions of those living in urban slums and tribal area by helping in providing basic amenities, health and family welfare clinics, arranging medical check–ups, nutritional programmes for children and expectant mothers, recreational and educational facilities for children and grown–ups, and training in skills by establishing vocational and technical Institutions and training centres, Counselling Centre for harassed women, Day Care Centre for Grannies. The Society also promotes Gandhian national and moral values, environmental and personal cleanliness and hygiene among slum dwellers, villagers and tribals.



35 years in Mumbai slums

29 years in Rural Area

Board Members:

Begum-BilkeesLatifFounder President, SHED
Maneck Davar President, SHED
Asad-K.-Latif Vice President, SHED
Rajendra Tawde Chief Executive
Philip Fernandes Hon. Treasurer
Urmila Jain Member
Prakash Kundalia Member
S.K. Agarawal Chartered Accountants

Board of Trustees / Member :-

Begum Bilkees Latif Founder President
Mr. Maneck Davar President (From 2017)
Mr. Asad Latif Vice President
Mr. Philip Fernandes Hon Treasurer
Smt. Urmila Jain Member
Mr. Nana Chudasama Member
Mr. Prakash Kundalia Member
Mr. S.S.Kalra Member
Dr. Mamatha Lala Member
Mr. Prakash Fulpagare Member
Mr. S.K.Agrawal Member
Adv. G.H.Khan Member
Mr. Subhash Dalvi Member
Smt. Kishori Kodkany Member
Shri Rajendra Tawde SHED Chief Executive


To help formation of a just, participatory, self-reliant and sustainable society, where people from the socially and economically backward communities, especially tribals and women, will have the right and freedom to decide, plan and lead a life of their own choice without fear of threat from any one, and will be equal partners in the spheres of their Development, with a girl child’s right to Education, a happy and healthy childhood, and protection from abuse and labour.


To empower the underprivileged, marginalized and vulnerable sections of Society, especially Women and Girls through activities promoting self reliance and human dignity, with an involvement in values.


Results through community participants


Women, children, youth and senior citizen.