Educational initiatives by SHED

Formative years in a child’s life: The initial 6 years are formative years in a child’s life where the child tries to associate itself with its surrounding and develops its orientation towards life. The child’s up-bringing during this time has an immense bearing in the child’s future course of life. A healthy learning environment at this stage will ensure that the child shall assimilate better learning skills for its future.

Pre-primary education was thus found to be a necessary precursor to Primary & secondary education. However, many sections of our society are bereft of this facility.

SHED had identified this deficiency within the poorer sections of the society since its inception and as of now runs 3 pre-primary schools in Dharavi, Mahakali caves Rd. and Kalina.

More than 20,000 children have benefitted from this initiative. Early education has mainstreamed thousands of children in continuing their education up to graduate & post graduate level.

For schools to be run effectively, SHED had identified proper locations for its pre-primary and primary centres and schools which would allow peaceful interaction between students & teachers without external disturbances

In 2009 SHED founded an English Medium School to provide quality education to slum children.

To assist children in coping with studies, SHED runs supportive classes at Mahakali Caves Rd. and Kalina centres. These are after school programmes where students are helped with their studies.

The programme details linked to the crucial formative years of the child

Pre-primary School

The years between 3-6 years are most crucial to a child’s cognitive learning abilities as the rate of growth and development is fastest and environmental influences are minimal.

Achievements till date:

  • 20,000 slum pupils had benefitted through pre – primary and are better placed for further education in higher school. In Crèche centre 600 children is benefitted till now.
  • SHED Primary English School from Std I to Std VII – 578 pupils benefitted till now.
  • WASHE (Water and Sanitation Hygiene Education) program in Four BMC School – 4000 Students,
  • MS CIT (Govt recognized) courses in Kalina and Mahakali centre till now 550 students trained.
  • Computer skill training program at Jogeshwari, Dharavi and Sagbaug more than 3500 students trained and 560 students got placement.
  • 100 bicycles distributed to 100 tribal school ongoing students.
  • SHED has provided vocational training to 1,44,500 (approx.) to youngsters mostly adolescent girls. This has helped better their career opportunities in terms of placements in employment.
  • 320 students (Std. V to X) attend the supportive study classes at Andheri (Mahakali) (120 students) Kalina (120 students) and Sagbaug (80 students)
  • Values Education and Moral Science among slums children.

Primary Education

Ensuring the quality of a school with the provision of well-qualified and motivated teachers, in an adequate numbers. Good infrastructure and teachers can yield desired results only if they are set to develop an efficient system of school management. SHED founded an English Medium School in 2009 to provide slum children with quality education

Achievements till date:

  • Benefitted more than 958 children till date.
  • Presently, 458 children are in Std I to VII.
  • Computer lab established with 15 computers with the aid of Science lab and library also established Akshara Foundation.
  • Additional focus on proper nutrition through various initiatives on nutrition, health and hygiene.
  • Extracurricular activities to foster various interests.
  • Annual sports organized at Bharat Ratna Sports Complex.

Supportive Classes

A good afterschool program can turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time, benefitting children with learning and attention issues. To assist scholastically weaker children to score better academic grades, SHED conducts supportive classes for students at its Mahakali and Kalina centres.

Achievements till date:

  • Benefitted more than 590 children till date.
  • Presently, 300 children under the program from Stds 8-10.
  • Sponsorships provided by Smile Foundation and Tata Motors.
  • Additional exams conducted for better preparation.
  • Various interactive and value education sessions held for positive community interaction.
  • 500 children benefitted from the computer and science.
  • Success rate of 74% in 10thStd students.
  • Motivation of unsuccessful students to re-appear for exam.
  • Guidance of interested students towards vocational skills.

SHED continued the support not just by providing primary and secondary education; it also provides Vocational Training to students to help them acquire practical knowledge and life skills. Smile Twin e-learning Programme is one where the urban under privileged youth are provided with skills training, career counseling and job placement in retail, BPO, hospitality and other sectors.

Pre – Primary

The Education initiative proposed for the children within the community completes the growth cycle for an individual child.


Vocational courses Ttraining

Support Class

Vocational Trainings:

Vocational training should be considered an important aspect of education and development to make students suitable for a job. Vocational education enhances practical knowledge and life skills and the focus here lies on learning exactly what is applicable in the real world. It serves as a great alternative for those who want to learn early and be prepared for the professional world in future.

Smile Twin e-Learning Program (STeP)

Initiated in October 2010, the program in collaboration with Smile Foundation provides skills training and job placements to urban underprivileged youth, allowing them to be job-ready in the growing retail, hospitality and BPO sectors and provided with various career guidance/ counselling and exposure visits.

Achievements till date:

  • Benefitted more than 750 youth till date
  • 630 students trained under the program
  • 437 youth placed and followed up

Computer Skill Training Program

Started in,2010 the computer classes have benefitted the youth in skilling themselves in a technical form which has been instrumental in generating gainful employment.

Achievements in the year 2015-16:

  • Benefitted more than 3500 youth till date
  • 405 students trained under the program in the current year
  • Number of placements till date:1200
  • Supported by Urvi Piramal Foundation

SHED Livelihood Programmes in Mumbai

In Mumbai, SHED has been conducting livelihood programmes for the last 32 years in all its 5 centres – Kalina, Dharavi, Mahakali, Jogeshwari and Sagbaug. It organizes different skill training courses for the students and young adults. To benefit young girls who may not be able to attend school after a certain level or may have to earn for economic reasons and may not have the financial resources for highly specialized skills. 100 widows, trained in tailoring at the SHED's Vocational Training Centre, were provided new sewing machines courtesy Loomba Foundation. There are other courses as art of the training; it includes computer training, beautician, baking, and chocolate making. A snap shot of all the courses with the numbers in the figure below.